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GX-88 Vehicle Voltron (Armored Fleet Dairugger XV), TAMASHII NATIONS Soul Of Chogokin

SKU: BAS55495

Experience the ultimate fusion of space and land with the GX-88 Vehicle Voltron (Armored Fleet Dairugger XV), brought to you by TAMASHII NATIONS. This highly detailed Soul Of Chogokin boasts expert craftsmanship and authentic aesthetics, making it a must-have for any collector or fan.

Fifteen vehicles combine into one massive robot! A long-awaited Soul of Chogokin edition of the globally popular super robot, it faithfully forms into the three Air, Land, and Sea Team combat modes as well as the towering Dairugger XV! The super-size set includes: #1 Command Jet Explorer; #2 Strato Weapons Module; #3 Air Recon Helicopter; #4 Air Recon Helicopter 2 #5 Falcon VT Fighter; #6 Communications Module; #7 Space Prober; #8 Space Prober; #9 Multi-Wheeled Explore; #10 Multi-Wheeled Explore; #11 Jet Radar Station; #12 Rotating Personnel Carrier; #13 Armored Equipment Carrie; #14 All-Terrain Space Vehicle; a stand; and two nameplates.