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Bruce Lee Tribute Statue - 50th Anniversary "Bruce Lee", Blitzway Superb Scale 1/4 Statue

SKU: BZW47982

-Bruce Lee-
Even after 50 years have passed, the legend of Bruce Lee continues to live on.

Blitzway presents the Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Special Statue, a testament to his enduring legacy. Unveiling the fifth version of the Bruce Lee statue by Blitzway.
This "Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Special Statue," created to commemorate his 50th death anniversary, represents his final masterpiece, inspired by the iconic film "Game of Death," known for its mesmerizing martial arts sequences.
Capturing Bruce Lee's distinctive, fluid, and robust martial arts style, the statue portrays his dynamic poses and meticulously crafted facial expressions.
Complete with his signature yellow jumpsuit, the statue vividly brings to mind his martial arts scenes, complemented by intricate details such as the nunchaku accessory and the base. Blitzway's 50th Anniversary Special Statue truly encapsulates Bruce Lee's essence in "Game of Death."
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee's passing, this statue conveys the indomitable spirit of a warrior he left behind, serving as a poignant tribute for all collectors who hold Bruce Lee in their hearts.