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Final Fantasy XII 1/4 Scale Master Piece Art Statue: Judge Magister Gabranth

  • Official Final Fantasy XII Statue
  • Material: PVC, Coldcast Resin, Metal & Leather
  • Height: approx. 50 cm / 19 inch
  • Limited availability
From the same Master Arts Statue series as the Balthier and Fran one above, Judge Magister Gabranth is an imposing sight to behold, standing at half a meter tall, he is a knight who commands respect and reverence for his battle prowess and the strict adherence to the code of knighthood. The largeness of the statue provide more creative ground for the sculptors of Square Enix to show off their talents on. Every bit of the knight, from the golden carvings on his gauntlets to the embroidery on his mantle are brought to life in this statue. To top everything off and prove his superior standing amongst collectible statues, his armor is painted and polished such that it shines in a metalic light.