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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paldean Fates Mini Tin Box ( Random)

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paldean Fates Mini Tin Box


Product Summary:

  • Capturing a Shiny Pokémon has always been a rare feat, but you can add three of these Pokémon with special colouring to your arsenal in each of these collections!
  • -The final Evolution appears as a Shiny Pokémon ex, while the Basic and Stage 1 Pokémon join in as playable promo cards, and you can show off the full Evolution chain in a magnetic 3-card protector.
  • You'll also find an oversize card featuring the star Pokémon ex, plus a stack of booster packs from the Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates expansion to further grow your collection!

Inside The Box:

  • 2 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet - Paldean Fates booster packs
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • A Pokémon art card showing the art from this Mini Tin - you can collect and combine all 5!

Product Configuration:

  • 10 cards per pack
  • 2 packs per tin