DELETER Manga Tool Kit DX (Deluxe Version)

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DELETER Manga Tool Kit DX (Deluxe Version)

The deluxe version tool kit with all the tools and material for the beginner to learn and develop the process of drawing comics. Features over 16 pieces of manga suppplies and materials.

Package Size: W330mm x H54mm x D240mm

This kit includes:

  • Drawing Paper (4 sheets)
  • Comic Book Paper with Grid (6 sheets)
  • Junior Screen Tone (5 sheets)
  • Neopiko Line-3 (0.05mm) Black Multi-liner Pen
  • Neopiko-Color Black Dual-Tipped Marker
  • Tone Knife
  • Tone Hera
  • Trial Pen Set
  • Ink Black (1 small jar)
  • Ink White (1 small jar)
  • Menso Brush
  • A4 Size Cutting Mat
  • Instruction Booklet on How to Copy
  • Line Drawing Sample
  • Manga Technique: How to Draw Japanese Manga Vol. 5
  • DELETER Catalog