DELETER Manga Tool Kit SPDX (Super Deluxe Version)

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DELETER Manga Tool Kit SPDX (Super Deluxe Version)

Package Size: 330mm x 54mm x 240mm

This kit includes:

  • Brochure explaining how to do book making
  • Screen practicing drawing papers (4 sheets) (4 sheets)
  • Examples of completed drawings
  • A4 size Comics Papers with guiding grid frame (6 sheets)
  • Jr. Screen (5 sheets)
  • Tone Hera Spatula
  • Neopiko Line-3 Multi-liner Pen - 0.05mm Black
  • Neopiko Line-3 Multi-liner Pen - 0.3mm Black
  • Neopiko2 Y-600 - Black
  • Cutting knife
  • MANGA TECHNIQUE Vol.5 -How to Draw Japanese Manga
  • Deleter Trial Pen Set (Dipping-Pen holder and nibs: Saji, G and Maru)
  • Ink: Black 1
  • Ink: White 1
  • Brush
  • Cutting mat (A4 size clear type)
  • Curve Ruler
  • 30cm Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • DELETER Catalog

This is an exercise kit for people drawing manga for the first time. Easy-to-understand lectures on everything from how to draw Manga to how to make copy-printed-books! As long as you have this book, you'll be able to make your doujin debut with a breeze! Comes with a practice kit; perfect for beginners!

The necessary items to complete a manga are included, such as a workbook for line drawing to practice pasting screen tones and the samples, as well as a brochure explaining how to make a photocopy books. 4 sheets of line drawing manuscripts for exercises and 5 sheets of Jr. screen are included. You can practice pasting tone screen sheets with the samples. A pamphlet which shows how to make authentic copy books is also included. Its clear explanation and examples will inspire you.