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Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Series 47 Single Blind Box Figure (Random)


The Medicom Bearbrick Series 47 - SF is a collectible toy that features a unique design inspired by San Francisco. This Bearbrick toy is part of the 47th series from Medicom and is a must-have for collectors. With its iconic bear shape and brick-like design, this Bearbrick is a stylish and eye-catching addition to any collection. Whether you're a fan of San Francisco or simply appreciate unique and collectible toys, the Medicom Bearbrick Series 47 - SF is sure to impress..

Each Bearbrick comes packed away in its own mystery foil packaging and artist card; you'll never know which one you've gotten until you open the box! 

The purchase of 1 Sealed Display Case which includes 24 Single Blind Boxes inside. Every design is not guaranteed when purchasing 1 Sealed Display Case.